World renowned airline

SUMS: Low maintenance, low impact antenna installation kit for airliners

Lightweight and specifically designed for ka-band SATCOM installations

Choose the ka-band mounting solution already installed on more than 90 wide -and narrow- body aircraft.

Flying to more than 150 destinations around the globe, this world-renowned airline decided to add inflight connectivity for passengers aboard their fleet. Once their integration team selected Inmarsat’s Global Xpress Service, the next stop was Eclipse Technics, our design and certification team, and the experts who designed and developed the Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS). The solution, which uses Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) satellite airtime service, required the installation of the Honeywell JetWave ka-band antenna. Fortunately, SUMS is specifically designed for this purpose.

Save time, effort and money

Operator saves time, effort and money on maintenance.

The integration team recognizes clear advantages with the SUMS installation kit, and the benefits of Eclipse Global Connectivity’s long-time experience. Lightweight, the product requires fewer fuselage holes, which streamlines installation for less downtime. SUMS is ARINC 791 certified with integrated radome and skirting, specifically engineered for wide- and narrow-body aircraft types. Once installed, SUMS requires much less maintenance which saves this operator, effort, time and money.

SUMS is only available from the experts at Eclipse Global Connectivity and Eclipse Technics, who responded quickly, providing detailed advice to the installation team. Recognized for an expanding catalog of Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs), Eclipse Technics is your trusted partner.


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