Business Jet operator

Secure, high quality connectivity for 40 passengers

Empower cabin crew to manage the inflight network with Aero+ Flexibility

Email, instant messenger apps, and web surfing on narrow-body aircraft

This business jet operator, flying in a charter configuration, with up to 40 passengers, sought a Satellite Communications (SATCOM) system for its narrow-body, long range aircraft. Based in Northern Europe, flying long-haul flights to destinations like Hawaii, the Caribbean and Oceana, the flight operations team had a requirement for passenger email, instant messaging and limited web surfing—prioritising passenger over crew connectivity.

This operator expressed a preference for Ku-band SATCOM. Eclipse Global Connectivity vetted, analysed and recommended a solution to ensure that the resulting system would meet the access demands of as many as 40 passengers.

Our testing showed peak bandwidth of 12Mbps, which meant that managing the bandwidth would be a key functionality. Giving the flight operations team the ability to set-up connectivity zones and manage onboard networks is where Eclipse Global Connectivity offers compelling advantages. Our Aero+ Flexibility software, part of the Aero+ Software Suite helps them accomplish this goal.

Aero+ Flexibility enables better connectivity with Multiple WAPs 

Stay on schedule with remote software updates

Our Aero+ Flexibility software, in conjunction with multiple Wireless Access Points (WAPs), delivers full access to guest devices. The aircraft has two zones: a password protected network for passengers and one for the crew. To ensure that the passengers receive the best connectivity experience, the administrator uses Aero+ Flexibility to configure the system with specific attributes. First, the network is configured to allocate the majority of the bandwidth to the passenger network. Next, Aero+ Flexibility is used to restrict access to certain web domains and popular streaming sites—greatly enhancing the onboard connectivity experience. And although the crew network is configured with limited bandwidth, flight and cabin crew can send essential operational messages during flights. In addition, this operator uses, Aero+ Flexibility’s “white-listing” capability, which allows only authorized devices to connect. The client side of Aero+ Flexibility is mobile friendly and can be installed on most any device. Built with an intuitive user interface, cabin crew can easily perform network administrator tasks. They can restrict device access as necessary, monitor device network usage and the system’s overall performance.

High-touch support means staying on schedule

Eclipse Global Connectivity understands the need for consistent high-quality airborne connectivity. This is why business jet operators rely on our high-touch support. The aircraft is monitored by our team of engineers, and updates to Aero+ Flexibility can be performed remotely—with no impact to flight schedule nor requirement to return to home base.

Give your long-range business jet passengers the connectivity they deserve.