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Complete, bespoke SATCOM solution for VVIP A319CJ

Innovative onboard Wi-Fi system—VoIP telephony and streaming on demand IP TV

Unique challenges call for ingenious answers. Trust Eclipse Global Connectivity to deliver your inflight network.

This A319ACJ aircraft serving an African World Leader, came to us with a unique set of challenges. In partnership with AFI KLM E&M, a leading European MRO, Eclipse Global Connectivity provided a comprehensive, bespoke solution to deliver an innovative new Wi-Fi system. Elements of this system include the Honeywell JetWave Ka-band Satellite Communications (SATCOM) hardware, cabin network hardware, and the Aero+ Software Suite. Our Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS) antenna installation kit and associated STCs, plus Inmarsat Global Express (GX) airtime.

Leveraging the bespoke Wi-Fi system

The system enables key communications and entertainment capabilities including Voice over IP telephony (VoIP), and streaming on-demand IPTV. Our Aero+ Software Suite is a key ingredient in this solution – allowing the flight operations or network administrator to manage and monitor the onboard Inmarsat Ka-band GX SATCOM network. This A319CJ aircraft operator configures aircraft’s communications zones, user preferences and applications, and allocates, prioritises and optimises bandwidth. Additionally, the Aero+ suite offers a passenger credit card payment system, monitoring and security tools, SwiftBroadBand fallback functionality. It also features a customizable management interface.

Low maintenance SUMS offers streamlined antenna solution

SUMS antenna installation system: fewer fuselage holes and less maintenance following installation

Our SUMS kit was used in this installation because it offers this VIP Transport operator a clean, low-maintenance solution. It requires fewer fuselage holes to install which streamlined the completion of this aircraft. SUMS is already installed on more than 90 wide and narrow-body aircraft, and comes with STCs for the most popular VVIP Transport aircraft types—like this one.

The resulting solution delivers fundamental communications and entertainment capabilities including VoIP telephony, and streaming on-demand IPTV.

Give your VVIP the inflight connectivity they deserve.