VVIP Transport and business aviation

Connectivity for the unique needs of VVIP Transport and business jets

Secure complete solutions from concept to completion

Manage connectivity and customize for specific flight profiles
Unbiased advice ensures the most effective solution 

VVIP Transport and business aviation have unique requirements not found on other aircraft platforms. For example, a wide- or narrow-body aircraft serving a world leader, needs high security connectivity and it typically serves multiple passengers. All of those aboard, including crew, have distinctive phone and internet access requirements. This is why VVIP Transport operators from around the world rely on Eclipse Global Connectivity – secure, easy to configure airborne connectivity.

We offer a complete solution including hardware, software applications, aircraft surveys, system selection, architecting and integration, and system certification – through Eclipse Technics, airtime, provisioning and project management.

We partner with aviation’s most respected avionics OEMs such as Honeywell, Collins Aerospace, Cobham, and Thales. We offer airworthiness certifications for the Inmarsat European Aviation Network (EAN), and a wide range of Satellite Communications (SATCOM) airtime options to fit the specific needs of aircraft including:

Inmarsat SwiftBroadband, SwiftBroadband-Safety, and Global Express (GX), Intelsat, and Iridium voice and data capabilities.

VVIP Transport and business jet flight operations teams appreciate the significant advantage they gain through our Aero+ Software Suite. Innovative and flexible, it allows them to offer passengers the highest quality of connectivity by managing, controlling and securing inflight networks.  The Suite provides:

  • A guaranteed Internet connection for VVIP devices
  • Seamless integration into customer ground networks
  • Secure, high-quality (Voice over IP) VoIP telephony and video conferencing
  • Easy to manage access control
  • Easy to use on-board billing functions


Designed specifically for the aviation environment, the Aero+ Software Suite is comprised of six modules:

Aero+ Flexibility

  • Create a secured, bespoke inflight network
  • Allocate, monitor and manage bandwidth
  • Configure and manage connectivity zones and billing functions based-on aircraft mission needs


Aero+ Velocity

  • Improves Inmarsat SwiftBroadband system performance through channel aggregation


Aero+ Clarity and Aero+ Visibility

  • Enhances VoIP calls and offers high-quality videoconferencing


Aero+ Connectivity

  • Used to configure the aircraft network with the Aero+ Connectivity interface.

Providing a complete system includes appropriate equipment. Only Eclipse Global Connectivity provides SUMS, the Satcom Universal Mounting System.

A proven solution, SUMS is already installed on 90 Head of State and other aircraft. With STCs for the most popular wide- and narrow-body aircraft types, SUMS offers many advantages over competitive offerings including:

  • Comprehensive Ka-band antenna installation system, specifically engineered for wide- and narrow-body jets and the Honeywell JetWave SATCOM System
  • Lightweight and ARINC 791 certified
  • Streamlined: fewer fuselage holes means straightforward removal
  • Save time, effort and cost: little maintenance required following installation


Let us create a system specifically for your VVIP Transport aircraft or business jet.