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Connectivity solutions designed specifically VVIP aircraft, business jets and airlines

Inflight connectivity is an essential driver for VVIP, business and commercial aviation. Passengers and crews aboard Head of State (HoS), business aircraft and airlines need connectivity and have varied requirements.

A full-service team, we at Eclipse Global Connectivity offer solutions designed to fit the array of communications needs for cabin and cockpit. We’ll work with you to understand requirements, select, architect and certify a system. We offer hardware, system architecture design and certifications, software and applications, plus airtime and provisioning for a range of business and commercial aviation requirements.

Satellite Airtime

Satellite airtime solutions tailored for the unique needs of VVIP Transport, business jets and airlines

Choosing a satellite airtime package depends on a significant number of factors. Whether you want to offer high-speed connectivity in the cabin, or enhance communications in the cockpit, trust Eclipse Global Connectivity to help determine the most effective solution for the passengers and crew on your VVIP, business or commercial aircraft. Our expertise runs across the SATCOM spectrum, from the latest high-speed Ku or Ka band service including Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX), to Iridium voice and data.

Connectivity Hardware

Bespoke networks for VVIP Transport, business jets and airlines

While our primary focus is on connectivity solutions for the aircraft cabin, at Eclipse Global Connectivity, we also offer hardware to ensure cockpit communications support safety and efficiency. When architecting a solution for the cabin, we’ll tailor a system based on requirements unique to your aircraft type and operation, and select equipment from aviation’s most respected connectivity equipment manufacturers.

Airborne platform: Aero+ Software Suite

Managing and protecting the onboard network is key to delivering high-quality connectivity to VVIP and business jet passengers and crew. Our Aero+ Software Suite is an ingenious and flexible set of tools that allows operators to take control of onboard connectivity in a way they never have before.,Through our partnership with Display Interactive we also offer innovative Inflight Entertainment (IFE) solutions that have connectivity directly integrated.

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