Our Customers

Flexible, tailor-made SATCOM solutions for an extensive range of requirements

Government organizations and aircraft management teams from around the world depend on our more than 20-years of expertise to deliver comprehensive, customized connectivity solutions. We help operators flying VVIP Transport, also known as Head of State, and business aircraft to achieve their operational goals through secure Satellite Communications (SATCOM) capabilities.

European World Leader BBJ

Needing way to manage the inflight network, while ensuring secure connectivity, this European World Leader’s flight operations team chose Eclipse Global Connectivity to help equip their Boeing Business Jet aircraft. The solution, designed and tailored to their requirements, uses our Aero+ Software application for security and other key capabilities. Plus, we supply Inmarsat Global Express (GX) satellite airtime.

Eastern European World Leader Fleet

Flying globally from an Eastern European base of operations, this fleet of aircraft presented a classically complex set of requirements. Multiple Wi-Fi networks, the ability to support multiple simultaneous passenger calls and of course, integration of cryptography and security were top of the list. This world leader’s fleet manager chose Eclipse Global Connectivity for its superior experience with the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband Satellite Communications (SATCOM) network and a bespoke solution—comprised of hardware and software.

African World Leader A319CJ

Like all of our VVIP operator clients, this A319CJ aircraft serving an African World Leader, came to us with a set of unique connectivity requirements. Eclipse Global Connectivity provided a comprehensive, bespoke solution including SATCOM hardware and installation kits, airborne software, airworthiness certifications, and satellite airtime.

Business jet operator

Based in Northern Europe, this VVIP business jet operator wanted to add onboard connectivity. Flying its narrow-body long range aircraft in a charter configuration, the network needed to serve as many as 40 guests onboard, with high-quality connectivity. The flight operations team wanted to offer email, instant messaging and limited web surfing—prioritising passenger over crew connectivity. Eclipse Aero+ Flexibility has the tools required to deliver.

World renowned airline

This flagship world renowned airline, flying to more than 150 destinations, made the decision to add inflight connectivity for passengers aboard their fleet. Their integration team, having selected Inmarsat’s Global Xpress Service, contacted Eclipse Technics, our design and certification team about our Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS) to install the Ka-band JetWave antenna. Lightweight, with a streamlined installation path, the system offers many important advantages to airlines like this one.