European World Leader BBJ

Secure high-speed voice and data connectivity for VVIPs, passengers and crew

Easily set-up connectivity zones and manage bandwidth with Aero+ Flexibility.

Make sure VVIP onboard communications are secure. 

VVIP Transport teams around the world trust Eclipse Global Connectivity

Maintaining the VVIP’s connectivity priority over passengers and crew, with a completely secure network is what brought this European World Leader’s flight operations team to us. They chose Eclipse Global Connectivity to deliver a tailored cabin communications solution on a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ). We deployed our Aero+ Software Suite, encryption capabilities and Inmarsat GX, Global Xpress Ku-band satellite airtime.

Addressing this BBJ’s sophisticated requirements gave the us ample opportunity to demonstrate why so many VVIP operators trust Eclipse Global Connectivity. Key to this is our Aero+ Software Suite. It has the tools to create connectivity zones and allocate bandwidth, and the ability to deliver completely secure connectivity using Satellite Communications (SATCOM).

Secure VVIP Communications Checklist
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Aero+ Flexibility: take control of the onboard network

Aero+ Flexibility includes augmented firewall functionality and filtering for enhanced security

The Aero+ Flexibility app allows this aircraft’s network administrator to create various connectivity zones within the aircraft; ideal for prioritising VVIP connectivity, as was required here. The network administrator now has the tools to monitor bandwidth usage, manage device network access and filter internet domains. The app, used by the administrator, is mobile device friendly and compatible with many operating systems. The full Aero+ Suite also offers a variety of optional capabilities specifically designed for large, long-range VVIP aircraft flights.

The network optimization feature enhances the passenger connectivity experience, and comes with an automatic or manual network fail-safe, to avoid network drop-offs. In addition, it has an easy to configure and turn-on, built-in PBX which enables Voice over IP (VoIP) calling. The payment portal option helps operators, who might charter their aircraft when not in use, to manage airtime costs.

Aero+ Flexibility: Enhanced airborne network security

Highly secure airborne connectivity is yet another fundamental advantage that Eclipse Global Connectivity brings to VVIP Transport aircraft, like this BBJ. With our extensive experience supporting the rigorous requirements of military and government airborne communications systems, our solutions are compatible with any number of encryption devices. Plus, we also offer encryption technology and equipment. Aero+ is equipped with augmented firewall functionality and filtering for increased security. Administrators can block specific URLs to avoid device updates while on the satellite-based internet, and the app is equipped with refined bandwidth assignment controls for greater flexibility.

Encryption a crucial requirement

As is true for everyone, and especially world leaders, completely secure communications are a must. Fortunately, Eclipse Global Connectivity offers highly customizable, cost-effective encryption solutions designed specifically for SATCOM networks on aircraft. The system used in this installation offers end-to-end AES-256 level encryption for IP-data – ideal for protecting even the most sensitive of a world leader’s communications.

The right airtime package

Determining the right satellite airtime package is dependent on a variety of factors including aircraft type, connectivity demand and travel destinations—global or local. In this case, Inmarsat Global Express is the service of choice–particularly for this aircraft flying worldwide.


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