Eastern European World Leader Fleet

Multiple simultaneous secure calls and separate networks for added security

Aero+ Clarity enhances call and videoconference quality

Visionary connectivity solutions designed for VVIP Transport aircraft

Flying globally from an Eastern European base of operations, this fleet of aircraft presented with a classically complex set of requirements including multiple Wi-Fi networks, the ability for multiple simultaneous passenger calls and of course, integration of cryptography and security. This world leader’s fleet operator chose Eclipse Global Connectivity for our extensive experience with the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband Satellite Communications (SATCOM) network and a bespoke solution comprised of hardware and Aero+ Clarity software (a member of our Aero+ Software Suite).

Involved from conception to completion, we focused on ensuring the solution provided the bandwidth to support internet access, videoconferencing, and high-quality telephony—all while retaining compatibility with cryptographic devices for secure communications.

Hardware tailored for VVIP aircraft with added security designed right in

The solution is comprised of Honeywell’s AMT-3800 High-gain Antenna, HSD-400 dual channel SwiftBroadband modem and CNX-200 network router. Separating the two onboard networks, isolates the VVIP’s connection, which adds increased security.

Aero+ Clarity software easily delivers multiple calls

Connectivity tailored to fleet operations and multiple passenger needs

Addressing the ability to make multiple calls is delivered through our Aero+ Clarity service. Where a SwiftBroadband system only provides one or two voice channels, Aero+ Clarity provides high-quality telephony through a managed Voice over IP Link (VoIP). In addition, our dedicated hardware, installed within the Eclipse Global Connectivity ground infrastructure, ensures that this World Leader’s VoIP calls connect directly into the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), completely avoiding the internet. The resulting system supports up to four simultaneous calls from or to the aircraft, using the aircraft’s built-in handsets or VVIP or passenger’s own mobile devices.


Visionary connectivity solutions designed for VVIP Transport aircraft.