We offer unique applications to help you get the most out of your communications system including our Aero+ Suite of Software Tools.

Typical VVIP wide-and narrow-body Airbus and Boeing platforms require various zones, business jets and charter configurations do too. Internet access and phone requirements are sure to be diverse which is why we our Aero+ suite of software tools helps you offer an onboard connectivity system that meets your needs.

The Aero+ Suite of Tools

Only available from Eclipse Global Connectivity, Aero+ offers a secure Internet connection for user devices and seamless integration into customer ground networks.

Flight Ops teams use the Aero+ suite of innovative, mobile-friendly tools to manage and control inflight networks, offering commercial and business users the highest level connectivity experience.

The Suite is comprised of four core features: onboard bandwidth prioritization, network security, network monitoring, plus diagnostics and support.

Here’s what you can do with Aero+:

  • Enhance the passenger experience with the Bandwidth Assignment Tool
  • Secure the onboard network with Security Tools
  • Maintain control of the onboard network with the Monitoring Tool
  • Offer secure high-quality telephony with the Voice over IP Tool
  • Offer high-bandwidth connectivity with the Channel Bonding Tool
  • Control costs with the onboard billing functions and the Portal & Payment Tool

Plus, you can always be confident in the onboard network and trouble shoot with Diagnostics and 24/7 Support.

And, with our partner Display Interactive, we can provide extended inflight IFE capabilities.

Contact us to talk about your connectivity requirements.