Satellite Airtime

Satellite airtime solutions tailored for the unique needs of VVIP Transport, business jets and airlines

Ensuring you’ve got a satellite airtime package that will meet your pilot and passenger needs requires in-depth understanding of satellite networks and your operational needs.

This is where Eclipse Global Connectivity, as an independent supplier, offers a distinct advantage. No matter the complexity of the system, our attention to detail will address the complex and sometimes costly nature of Satellite Communications to ensure the service is optimised for passenger connectivity needs and your budget.

We offer a broad range of satellite-based airtime services for the cabin and cockpit including:

  • Inmarsat: Global Xpress, SwiftBroadband, legacy Aero C / I / H and H+
  • Intelsat
  • Iridium: Voice, and messaging
  • SES
  • Eutelsat

As a result of our long-standing relationships with the service providers, we can help you manage costs.


Passenger entertainment solutions are constantly evolving, and like internet access, the demand for newer more interesting inflight entertainment continues to grow—for VVIP and airline passengers alike. Eclipse Global Connectivity will work with you to define requirements, and determine the best path forward.